Helminth infection microbiome. Helminth infection and microbiota - Helminth infection and microbiota

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Learn about infections in the context of major body systems and understand why these are environments in which microbes can establish themselves, flourish, and give rise to pathologic changes. This systems-based approach to microbiology employs integrated and case-based teaching that places the 'bug parade' into a clinical context.

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Effectively review for helminth infection microbiota courses with the help of chapter introductions and 'Lessons in Microbiology' text boxes that highlight the clinical relevance of the material, offer easy access to key concepts, and helminth infection microbiota valuable review tools.

Approach microbiology by body system or by pathogen through the accompanying electronic 'Pathogen Parade' - a quickly searchable, cross-referenced glossary of viruses, bacteria and fungi A new electronic 'Vaccine Parade' offers quick-reference coverage of the most commonly used vaccines in current clinical practice Deepen your understanding of epidemiology and the helminth infection microbiota role it plays in providing evidence-based identification of key risk factors for disease and targets for preventative medicine.

Grasp helminth infection microbiome retain helminth infection microbiota concepts easily, with a user-friendly colour coded format, succinct text, key concept boxes, and dynamic illustrations.

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New and enhanced information reflects the growing importance of the helminth infection microbiota microbiota and latest molecular approaches Access the complete contents on the go via the accompanying interactive eBook, with a range of bonus materials to enhance learning and retention - includes self-assessment materials and clinical cases to check your understanding and aid exam preparation.